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It’s Proven! Good Photographs Boost Sales

It’s Proven! Good Photographs Boost Sales, E-commerce is all about selling online as opposed to retail where a buyer can touch and feel a product before buying it. While buying online, a customer can only view a product on a device. Seeing stunning photographs of a product comes a close second to actually holding the… Read More »

Why Customer Testimonials Matter

There is no better publicity than word of mouth publicity. Period! This holds true for any business, be it an online store or a brick-and-mortar one. When a person walks out of your store after making a purchase that he’s happy about, he becomes a valuable asset that will send back more customers to your… Read More »

Small Features That Make A Big Difference To Your Online Store

“What customers want?” If you are on a perpetual quest to find an answer to this question that has plagued many online store owners, welcome to the club. If there was one answer to that, we would readily give it to you. But unfortunately for us sellers, today’s customers are a pampered lot. They want everything… Read More »

Omni-Channel, A Powerful Tool That Transforms Your Selling Experience

As an online store owner, it is assumed that you are already selling on multiple marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay apart from your own ecommerce store. Having a presence on all prominent platforms not only helps gain brand visibility but also gives customers a seamless buying experience. As easy at this sounds, managing multiple seller channels… Read More »

Newsletters – The Best Way To Engage With Your Customers

In the world of online selling, getting a casual visitor on your store to turn into a paying customer requires three things: Product, Patience and a Newsletter! While product is assumed and patience is a virtue that we cannot impart, in this post we will talk about the importance of a newsletter to engage with… Read More »

How To Write Kickass Product Descriptions?

Now that you have set up your online store and are ready to sell your products, it is time to carefully look at those two lines that make or break a sale. Yes! We are talking about your product descriptions. A good product descriptions not only makes an instant connection but also remains in the… Read More »

Customer Analytics: Your Tool To Sell More

Analytics is the big buzz word that everyone in the ecommerce industry talks about. But as a small or medium scale business owner, what does customer analytics mean to you and your online store? In this post we will break it down and tell you what it really entails.  The first question that probably comes… Read More »

Are You Using Social Media To Its Fullest Potential To Sell?

If you run an ecommerce business, you probably have an active social media presence. Which means you are already convinced about the impact social media has on businesses. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat- the options are aplenty but are you using the right tactics to help your e-commerce business? Here are some ways you can use… Read More »